Reduced to the lowest of the low (September 2012)

Qamar  was my coworker, an Arab mechanical engineer in his thirties. His wife had a government job in her native country so she stayed there with her school going son. He used to visit them two or three times a year. Last time his journey was scheduled in February and there was bloodshed there but it didn’t stop him. More than six months has passed and we have no communication with him. May Allah be his savior!

Mr. Farooque is our manager having the same nationality as Qamar. He resides here with his wife and children while his ailing old mother lives in her native place. He visits her once in a year during summers. This year he didn’t go there because of the unrest. He changed his destination and headed to a tourist spot in Malaysia with his wife and children for a cool summer break.

Alas, tears of an old mother have no value compared to smiley of a young wife!

An old woman was sick and confined to bed. Her daughters were the caregivers as sons stayed away with their wives and children. She slipped into comma and they lost hope of her recovery. Everyone was praying to Allah for easiness in her last moment and not for recovery. The family possessed a nanny goat giving milk. The goat was hit by a naughty neighbor and got severe injury. All of them started to pray for the recovery of the pet from the bottom of their heart.

Aghast, a milk giving goat seems more valuable than a mother who is confined to bed!

The incidents are not taken from any book. I am the eyewitness to all the three narratives (names changed). It is not limited to few among us. Most of us need to do our soul searching.

“Surely we created man of the best stature. Then we reduced him to the lowest of the low. Save those who believe and do good works, and theirs is a reward unfailing. Quran 95:4-6”

Shakeel Ashraf (

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