Travelling through different shades of light



I have heard known this man Javed Ghamidi to be a person who strays away from the right path. Listen to DR. ISRAR AHMAD about this man.



Salamun alaik, dear sister. Thanks for sharing your thought quoted above. This is a reflection of the typical casual approach most of us adopt now and then. It is our legitimate right to do critical examination of any scholarly view in order to accept, reject or counter it. Condemning on the basis of other’s opinion is not a fair practice. I have been a big fan of Dr Israr Ahmad (Rahmatullahi). I have benefited a lot from his lectures and writings since 2K2. A couple of years after 2K2, I came across the literatures of Javed Ahmad Ghamidi. When I examined them under the microscope of my precepts, most of them landed in trash. When I watched the debates between Dr Israr Ahmad and Ghamidi, I found myself in the former’s camp. It was February 2K14 when I read a book, “Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi” authored by Abu Yahya. One paragraph of this book changed my entire worldview. When I peeked into the trash beside me, Ghamidi was gleaming there. I started studying him in an orderly manner and I found him more convincing than others. But I never felt that the journey from one scholarly camp to another was like the one from darkness to light. It is more like travelling through different shades of light. I fell in love with the beauty of thought expressed here:

Regards and good wishes,

[Shakeel Ashraf]


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