A Dialogue between a Non-Muslim and a Molvi Sahib

A non-Muslim: Molvi sahib, I am in search of peace, please, help me find it out, how can I have it?

Molvi: Brother,peace lies in the remembrance of Allah. Embrace Islam, you will have peace.

The non-Muslim: Well,what have I to do for that?

Molvi: Say Kalimah Shahadah: La ilaha illa Allah’, ‘There is no god but Allah and Muhammad (S.A.W) is the last prophet of Allah’. After that, you will have to say prayers five times a day, keep fast in the month of Ramadan and if you are wealthy enough, you will pay Zakah annually and do the pilgrimage, at least once in your lifetime.

The non-Muslim: Okay, it is easy. Then, will I have peace in me?

Molvi: Sure!

The non-Muslim: okay, Molvi Sahib, I accept it all, I will learn and practice what you told me. Thank you a lot. I take leave now.

Molvi: Stay, brother! There is a lot more to do.

The non-Muslim: What else?

Molvi: you have to spread this message of peace to others, as well. This is an obligation. Should the message of peace not reach others, too?

The non-Muslim: Certianly, it should. And this is easy. There is no restriction of preaching of any religion in our country. I will go and preach it to all.

Molvi: But……. there is a problem!

The non-Muslim: Problem? What’s that?

Molvi: Unless, there are non-Muslim, kafir states exist on the face of the earht, it is not possible to preach Islam in an effective way.

The non-Muslim: How’s that? There is no restriction on preaching, no restriction on changing a religion to become Muslim, the system does not object to it. Then what’s the problem?

Molvi: That’s true, but the problem is that human beings naturally get impressed by the show of power. Unless there is the glory of non-Muslim state power, people will not take the preaching of Islam seriously. We need to end the non-Muslim state powers, or we have to bring them under the authority of Islamic rule, only then will people be impressed by the glory of Islam and they will embrace it.

The non-Muslim: Really! Then what to do for that?

Molvi: We have to do Jihad. We have to fight the non-believing kuffar. But since Islam is the religion of peace, we will first invite them to accept Islam, then, they will be entitled to have peace; if they reject the message of peace, we will ask them to come under the authority of Isalm, and pay Jizya i.e., a prescribed tax to us, and if they turn this offer down,too, then we will fight them. This is the Jihad.

The non-Muslim: O! so, which Muslim state is going to do this Jihad?

Molvi: Unfortunately, the Muslims governments are henpecked by the non-Muslims powers, they have no nerves to do Jihad, this is why, we have to do it, because we are the ones, who feel pain for Islam.

The non-Muslim: You mean, we, some common people of us?

Molvi: Yes, and for that purpose, we need to collect some people.

The non-Muslim: How many people?

The non-Muslim: No matter, how many. We don’t count the numbers; we trust in God. The angels suffice to help us.

Molvi: Hm, don’t count the numbers. Can both  of us start Jihad?

Molvi: No, no, it’s not a joke. There should be some people; after, all we have to fight the non-Muslim state powers!

The non-Muslim: So, after how many people, you will start trusting God?

Molvi: Aaaa, Hmmm, you new converts are mean, you people ask too many questions. Listen, at least, there should be a good number of people to call them a group, who can be entitiled to have a leader.

The non-Muslim: It means whosoever feels like to do Jihad, he can do it by collecting a few people.

Molvi: Yes!

The non-Muslim: Then, there may be many groups, and there will be many leaders. They may have disputes and disagreements with each other. I think this will lead to chaos.

Molvi: Yes, you are right. This should not be like that. There should be only one group with one leader. But, since there is not central authority to make them accept one leader, so it does happen that several groups raise to do Jihad under different banners, but, we can’t help it. However,the point is that Jihad must be on in any case.

The non-Muslim: Okay, then who will constitute the government, suppose, if these Jihadi groups are able to defeat some non-Muslim state? Who will be there Khalifah, how will they choose from all groups, led by different leaders?

Molvi: Brother, leave it to God.

The non-Muslim: Why leave to God? You don’t leave Jihad to God. You  prefer to do it by yourself, so, this issue of selecting a Khalifah or a unanimous leader, too, belongs to you. So, you have to solve it by yourself.

Molvi: Your problem is that you just have entered into the fold of Islam, your habit of using your brain is still alive. You need to spend some time with us and you will be good.

The non-Muslim: Pardon me, sir, let me know, are you sure, you can defeat the powerful non-Muslim states, which are well equipped with such latest arms and technology?

Molvi: We don’t care. We trust in Allah and He says, “If you are true believers, you will supersede.”

The non-Muslim: It means, if you lose, you are not the true believer. And since, today, Muslims are humble all over world, they are not true believers?

Molvi: No, no, these are just the trials of Allah. You can’t understand them.

The non-Muslim: Okay, forget it, Tell me, how actually would you defeat them?

Molvi: We, humans, are supposed to make effort only, result lies in the hand Allah. We don’t care about results.

The non-Muslim: Well, if you succeed to defeat a non-Muslims state, what will you do to them?

Molvi: We will enslave them: there men, women and children.

The non-Muslim: O horrible! You think, this way they will accept Islam?

Molvi: Yes, to escape the disgrace of slavery, they will find no other way but to profess Islam?

The non-Muslim: Can such a compelled faith be acceptable?

Molvi: The authority goes to Allah. He approves or disapproves faith of a person.

The non-Muslim: Well, tell me, how long this Jihad will last?

Molvi: Until the non-Muslim states are no more on the face of the earth. And Islam reigns supreme!

The non-Muslim: Then, this war seems to have no end.

Molvi: Yes, Jihad will continue till the Day of Judgment.

The non-Muslim: Movi Sahib, then, where is that peace, which Islam claims and which I came to you for?

Molvi: Don’t worry, peace will prevail, when Islam will reign supreme in the whole world.

The non-Muslim: But where is my peace?

Molvi: You will have your peace in the splitting of the blood of non-Muslims, and shedding of your own. If you get killed, you will be a martyr, 70 Hoors will welcome you in the heavens and you will enjoy  the eternal peace!

The non-Muslim: Ah, you mean, to get my peace, I have to put the peace of the whole world at stake. My dear Molvi sahib, our non-Muslim country is the land, which host millions of Muslims. It provides them bread, freedom of religion. It allows them to build mosques, open Madrassas, celebrate their religious festivals, call religious meetings whenever they like. It allows them to preach and convert, if they can, all of their people to Islam, and they don’t object to it. It has provided them peace, and you are teaching me that to get my peace, I should destroy their peace! If this is the way to peace, I refuse to accept it.

Molvi: O, so, you revert from Islam. You are apostate now, your blood is obligatory to be shed. Hey, is there anybody, listen to me, bring my rifle, I shoot him dead right here for the sake of God and his pleasure.

(But the non-Muslim fled, before the rifle could be brought to Molvi Sahib. Unfortunately, Molvi sahib stayed deprived to please his God by slaying an apostate.)

Writer: Dr Irfan Shahzad



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